Our Services

Storage and Handling

ISTIM offers an abundance of warehouse services at major ports globally (see locations) and is able to support bonded and nonbonded cargo as all warehouses are located in Foreign Trade Zones or Free Zones. This provides opportunities for duty deferrals and improved cash flow. Our facilities have required security systems including, cameras, door/window contacts, photocell beams and many are located within a fenced area reinforced by 24/7 guard houses.

Our services are supported by experienced staff and warehouse personnel to ensure you receive timely updates on the movement of cargo into and out of our warehouses. You will be notified of any issues that may adversely affect your expectations. Our staff will provide cost effective solutions should it be necessary.

We are very disciplined in all segments of cargo flow implementing “Best Practice” protocols to ensure consistent top-level performance at all locations. Our administration and warehousing operations are additionally supported by a state-of-the-art warehouse management system supporting all aspects of warehousing and accounting functions.

Your cargo can be stored by designated lots, by container or truck load, by stock keeping unit or by another method you may require.

We can support any whole or partial sale/transfer of your cargo by providing release transfer and holding certificates notifying you and your counterparty accordingly as to the details of the transaction.

ISTIM understands the importance of providing storage and handling services with care, diligence, accuracy and in a timely manner. Since we have the privilege of being the custodians of your cargo, we ensure you receive a level of service that cannot be exceeded by other warehouse companies.

Inbound logistics

ISTIM can handle your entire cargo flow from port of origin to port of destination. Our administrative and logistics staff will oversee each process of the movement of your cargo into our facilities and keep you well informed of progress and any unforeseen issues. We review all inbound documentation to ensure the details match the physical flow of cargo. We perform a thorough inspection of the cargo upon physical receipt, capture all cargo details per your specifications, note any discrepancies, and provide details on a daily basis.

ISTIM is capable of handling any volume including single or multiple truck, van, flatbed or container loads, railcars, breakbulk shipments or container shipments.

Outbound logistics

ISTIM is capable of meeting your shipping requirements whether your outbound requirement is for only a partial shipment or for the entirety of your cargo inventory. We can tailor your shipment based on the dates of admittance to our facilities, by stock keeping unit, by container or truck load or by allocated lot. We offer a range of services to support your needs. Our administrative and logistics staff will assist you in coordinating outbound shipping details, proper documentation and scheduling load outs.

ISTIM is capable of handling any volume including single or multiple truck, van, flatbed or container loads, railcars, breakbulk shipments or container shipments.

Value added services

ISTIM offers a copiousness of services to facilitate your inbound/outbound requirements. We understand that every customer may have unique requirements and make every effort to satisfy these requirements. The following is a list of services:

Foreign Trade Zone/Free Zone Storage
Customs Inbound/Outbound Document Processing
General Warehousing/London Metal Exchange Warehousing
Chartering Services
Drayage – Container/Bulk
Railcar Ordering
Inbound Handling – Truck, Van, Flatbed, Container, Railcar
Warehouse/Yard Storage
Bonded/Nonbonded Storage
Inventory Management
Cycle Counts
Order Fulfillment
Marking/Color Coding
Pick and Pack
Allocation of Inbound Cargo into Specified Lots
Shrink Wrapping
Cross Docking/Cargo Consolidation
Outbound Handling – Truck, Van, Flatbed, Container, Railcar
Blocking & Bracing – Truck, Van, Container, Railcar
Bills of Lading
Detailed Packing List/Tally Sheet
Holding Certificate
Release Transfer
Bill of Lading/Reprint
Photograph Services - Cargo/Equipment

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