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ISTIM is a leading global warehouse operator engaged in the movement and storage of cargo. ISTIM operates warehouses at nine global major ports located in Asia, United States, United Kingdom and European Union. All of ISTIM’s warehouses are located in US Foreign Trade Zones, equivalent Free Trade Zones, or are qualified as bonded warehouses. ISTIM provides a plethora of services including trucking, ground services, freight forwarding, booking vessels, and organizing movements of ocean containers, bulk and break-bulk commodities from wharf to warehouse.

ISTIM has a team of executives and managers who have deep logistics experience managing large quantities of inventory. Its management team has a combined logistics experience of over 100 years.

ISTIM has a history of providing reliable and secure warehousing/logistics services, accurate and timely reporting of cargo movement/storage, and prompt delivery of inventory via all modes of transportation meeting customer inbound and outbound requirements/expectations.

ISTIM is dedicated to providing the highest level of service supported by its strict operational “best practice” protocols. Each customer is provided a direct contact by global location in order to provide customer confidence and trust and have a “go-to” person that is able to address any issue regarding the services being provided.

Proven History as a Major Exchange Warehouse Operator

ISTIM Metals is the leading global warehousing company for non-ferrous metals traded on Futures exchanges, especially the London Metal Exchange. ISTIM has established relationships with major metal producers, brokers, traders and financial institutions. It continues to be a leader in global LME inventory providing timely logistical support to meet strict market deadlines. As an exchange warehouse operator, ISTIM has developed a wide range of experience and services which are applicable for the support of other commodities and general cargo business.

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